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Height: 5"8   |   Eye Color: Blue  |   Hair Color: Brown

Alexander Luke Kostka (born June 22nd, 1992) is an American actor whose resurgence into acting in 2021 landed him starring roles in a Hulu True Crime series coming out this winter, along with 2 music videos directed by Charlie Anderson for the songs “The Negative”, and “In The Blink of An Eye” by American Metalcore band, Famous Last Words, which received well over 50k views. Having acted throughout middle and high school, Alex refined his skills and talents over the years while continuously engaging in lifelong learning, he has commercial acting training with Mike Pointer, and Bill Coelius, and is currently enrolled in a 2-year professional acting conservatory under the esteemed Meisner technique teacher, Terry Knickerbocker.

Alex Kostka.jpg
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